Parts Listing

Part Value Package Purpose Digikey Part Cost
C1 1uF C1206 BP sensor low pass filter 311-1181-1-ND 0.24
C2 1uF C1206 BP sensor decoupling 311-1181-1-ND 0.24
C3 0.01uF C1206 Unreg power supply 311-1174-1-ND 0.09
C4 0.1uF C1206 counter decoupling 311-1179-1-ND 0.10
C5 0.01uF C1206 555 decoupling 311-1174-1-ND 0.09
C6 0.1uF C1206 water depth frequency selection 311-1179-1-ND 0.10
C7 0.1uF C1206 current source decoupling 311-1179-1-ND 0.10
C8 1uF C1206 parasite power capacitor 311-1181-1-ND 0.24
C9 0.1uF C1206 BP decoupling 311-1179-1-ND 0.10
C10 0.01uF C1206 BP sensor decoupling 311-1174-1-ND 0.09
C11 100uF CAP-D Unreg power supply PCE3182CT-ND 0.47
D1 BAT54SCT SOT23 water depth protection BAT54SCT-ND 0.84
D2 SMBJ10A SMTB 1-wire surge suppression SMBJ10ACCCT-ND 0.36
D3 SMBJ10A SMTB Unreg power supply SMBJ10ACCCT-ND 0.36
D4 SMBJ10A SMTB lightning counter surge suppression SMBJ10ACCCT-ND 0.36
D5 BAT54SCT SOT23 1-wire data clamping BAT54SCT-ND 0.84
D6 LED3MM LED3MM power-on led 160-1081-ND 0.10
D7 DL4004 MELF relay back-emf prevention DL4004MSCT-ND 0.20
D8 LED3MM LED3MM DS2409 indicator 160-1081-ND 0.10
1-wire surge suppression blocking
DL4004MSCT-ND 0.20
1-wire surge suppression blocking
DL4004MSCT-ND 0.20
IC1 LM2931Z-5.0 78LXX Unreg power supply LM2931Z-5.0-ND 0.90
IC2 DS2438Z SO08 current source monitor
IC3 DS2423P SOP06 counter
IC4 LMC555CM SO08 water depth oscillator LMC555CM-ND 0.56
IC5 OCP-PCTB116/E DIL06 lightning counter isolater 67-1563-5-ND 0.39
IC6 DS2890P SOP06 BP midpoint adjust
IC7 DS2890P SOP06 current source setting
IC8 MPX4115A SIX-IL BP sensor
IC9 TLV2450ID SO08 current source 296-1886-5-ND 1.28
IC10 DS2438Z SO08 BP monitor
IC11 DS2409P SOP06 1-wire isolator & relay driver
J1 520252-4 RJ-45 for 1-wire A9046-ND 0.71
J2 CP2519X PWR-JACK Unreg power supply CP-2519-ND 0.45
J3 ED555/7DS 3.5X7 screw for 1-wire in & out ED1519-ND 1.40
J4 ED555/7DS 3.5X9 external sensors ED1519-ND 1.40
J5 DS9094F CLIP iButton clip
J6 ED555/3DS 3.5X3 power control output ED1515-ND 0.60
Lightning connector
ED1514-ND 0.40
JP1a JP2 counter input routing S1021-36-ND 2.14
counter input routing
JP2 JP2 power supply selection S1021-36-ND
JP3 JP1 DS2409 bypass S1021-36-ND
R1 1M R1206 current source range setting 311-1.0MECT-ND 0.09
R2 330 R1206 power-on led 311-330ECT-ND 0.09
R3 24 R1206 1-wire surge suppression 311-24ECT-ND 0.09
R4 330 R1206 lightning counter led current limiter 311-330ECT-ND 0.09
R5 24 R1206 current source sense resistor 311-24ECT-ND 0.09
R6 10k R1206 lightning counter pullup 311-10KECT-ND 0.09
R7 2k2 R1206 external counter input pullup 311-2.2KECT-ND 0.09
R8 330k R1206 water depth frequency selection 311-330KECT-ND 0.09
R9 330k R1206 water depth frequency selection 311-330KECT-ND 0.09
R10 100k R1206 BP sensor low pass filter 311-100KECT-ND 0.09
R11 10k R1206 relay driver 311-10KECT-ND 0.09
R12 330 R1206 Ds2409 indicator 311-330ECT-ND 0.09
RLY1 PE014005DC SPDT-DIL power control relay PB353-ND 3.91
TR1 FMMTA13TA SOT23 turns current source into voltage source FMMTA13CT-ND 0.39
TR2 BCX17CT SOT23 relay driver BCX17CT-ND 0.36
VR1 100k RJ9W BP midpoint adjust CT94W104-ND 1.43
HM110-ND 4.96
wall transformer (6 volt)
T203-P7P-ND 5.55
Jumpers (x 4)
S9001-ND 0.12
0.1uF Ceramic
Water depth sensor -- is 30 capacitors in series (for 6 inches)
BC1101CT-ND 0.18


Many items can only be purchased in multiples of 10. This means that you will end up with stuff left over. Also note that a board can use up to four 0.1uF capacitors -- thus the multiple problem is not quite as bad as it seems.

The Jumper strip is a strip of 36 pins. Cut this into lengths of 3 and 2 as required.